Handsome young, Author Peter Clampton's about pageWelcome Everyone, I’m Peter Clampton

I’m an author, a dreamer and most importantly a man with a vision. It’s a simple vision really. I am working to become a great story teller and I hope to share my light through stories and enable others to do the same. I believe entertainment educates, and honesty is the best teacher. On this blog I share what I’ve learned, and hope to learn from you, my readers, on how to craft stories that really dig deep and change lives.

Why This Blog?

My goal is to build a community of likeminded people and help them become awesome, just like I want to be. I actually wrote a blog post about here.

It has actually been through modern media where I learned some of the most influential principles in my life. Disney, Harry Potter, The Odyssey and many, many animes all taught me ways to get through the tough days of my life, and come stronger. To give that strength to someone else is why I live and breath.
I want to make huge blockbusters like Star Wars or Harry Potter, but also want to share deep influential stories like “Jane Eyre”, or to “Kill a Mockingbird”. I want to have discussions on why these stories are so effective.
I believe it is through heartfelt and imaginative storytelling that I can help others find deeper meaning in life. As Phillip Pullman, author of “The Golden Compass” said, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Through this blog, I hope to become a more profound, more entertaining storyteller.

What’s on the Blog?

This blog is a buffet of my reflections, opinions, reviews and dissection of different stories, their plots and most importantly, their characters. All in the process of building and applying in my own work.

I analyze why Bruce Wayne and Batman are two people in the same body, and how knowing that can change our lives. It is through these lessons that I’m hoping to take any experience you’ve had with Movies, Video Games, or Books, and really dig in.
In the end, if you like to think about what you watch, read and play, my hope is that I can take what you’ve seen, and help you learn more. Ernest Hemingway said that a good story, much like the human soul, is like an Iceberg, and that much of what is there lies beneath the surface. Expect an article about twice a week, it’ll be fun!

You will also see updates, and insights in my writing process and how I create My Stories like The Girl and The Beast, and if you want you can link to My Amazon and buy them there.

How can you make a difference?

I can’t answer that for you but I believe good stories can. Come see what’s beneath the surface and explore the icy depths of your favorite tales. Join my Newsletter for a Free SneakPeek of my newest release, and get updates on the journey to learn more from your entertainment. I will release a Newsletter about once a week, detailing you on my new releases as well as updates to my blog. Come check it out.

You can check me out on my Social Media through the links down on the bottom right, there we can link up and you can see more of my content. Please comment, I love to hear from you guys!