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Volume 1: Enter The New World

Girl and the beast volume 1 cover final with update titleOur world is devastated by war and a mysterious disease. Life has begun anew as the times of the wild-west, saloons, six shooters and horses take center stage, in a world ravaged by mutants who crave human flesh and all manner of creatures who roam and scour the wasteland including a predator so powerful it is known only as: The Beast.
It’s a tough place to survive for anyone, especially a damsel in distress doomed to a life of slavery or certain death in the wasteland. Little does she know life is about to get a lot more dangerous when she meets a mysterious wanderer. In a fallen world, can an ordinary girl with a shattered past, rise up and become something more?

The first novella of The Girl and The Beast Saga, Enter The New World.Click to picture to BUY the first volume(purchase link) On AMAZON!




Volume 2: Enter The Wasteland


With their enemies in hot pursuit, the adventure continues as Lucy and her new friend, the powerful and very capable, Bibi Dia, prepare to assault a mutant horde. The risk is high and the reward even higher as the girls bond, and learn that making fast friends comes with its share of demons. Learning more about each other, and wandering the wasteland was fun, but when the girls discover a secret deep in the old world, their lives will change forever. Things just got a lot more dangerous.

The second novella in‎ the Girl and The Beast saga: Enter The wasteland. Click the Picture to BUY the second volume(purchase link) On Amazon!

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