NaNoWriMo Day 2: Angels attack

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So woke up at 4, got started writing at around 4:20. Today was a little tougher, I didn’t have very strong same direction and though I did get to the end of the scene it didn’t feel as strong. I’ll definitely have to do some rewrites. I’m glad I was able to get to the pretty girl at least. I felt especially shaky on the intensity of Clara’s emotions, and her fear. Also, the pacing of the scene didn’t feel very good, I wanted to see Lieutenant Chalmers come in earlier and have a larger role before they got separated. But what can you do? Enjoy what is there and remember it is a first draft.


Chapter 2: The Loud Silence

I was frozen in place. My body anchored to the street. As that silent deathly cloud of golden light shimmered and rolled across the horizon like a forboding cloud. It looked ever the more eerie juxtaposed against the lime green moonlight that flooded the scene. I looked closer and within the cloud that golden light, I could see made up a form of something, someone, walking in that blanket of black smoke.

Tommy was calm as ever, and already began to formulate a plan,“Quick, we have to tell the other-”

A woman screamed.

She was only a few steps below where Tommy and I stood, she turned to the crowd and began to run. The crowd generally looked confused. Then one by one I saw people throw open their phone screens. The first one who I knew was young man, who jumped up and began to hurriedly tell his friends they spoke in hushed tones. They reminded of those boys from that day. That day which was reliving itself in horrible majesty.

I looked over to Tommy who was looking obviously thinking of what to do. I peered over all the people and like speaks of glitter in shallow pond slowly little screens all began to light up and before long everyone knew what Tommy and I had seen.

“What do we do?” Tommy asked more to himself than to me.

I swallowed hard and dared to look back at the Nephilim. It was just standing there. Like a dark obscured raincloud that extended to the ground. While starring at the giant I realized that the metro-line was between it, and the main city. If it started to move we would be in it’s way.

There was already a young woman who was frantically walking back and forth telling people to organize but I couldn’t tell what she was doing. Tommy and I headed down to find Rumi, just then my phone vibrated. It was Jessica.

I answered the phone.

“Clara, Oh thank God. Where are you? Are you okay, is Tommy with you?” She sounded hysterical

“Yeah, he’s with me. We’re okay,” I said trying to remain calm

“Oh thank god, thank god…” Jessica just seemed more relieved to know we were alive, and didn’t say anything too coherent. A moment later Chad took the phone.

“Hey, we’re glad to hear your safe. Where are you right now? Umm…were two stops past the central avenue station,” I looked up at the wall post “it’s the 52nd street stop. The one past the Zoo.”

“Okay, we’re going to try and get our car, but there is a bunch of military coming down, the str-” Then the phone cut out. I looked and saw my reception dropped to nil. But what was weird was my Internet data still streamed. I wasn’t the only one, because several people had their calls drop at the same moment mine did.

The only one who didn’t have their call drop was a young woman in a brown bomber jacket. She had dirty blonde shoulder length hair, and was speaking frantically. It was the woman fro earlier who had asked everyone to stay in groups. Then I began to worry, there was something I was forgetting.

“Where’s Rumi?” Tommy asked.

“Damn, where is she?” I burst to life looking for her in the crowd of people.

I felt a pinch on my side.

“Aaahh,” I said as Rumi jumped out of nowhere.

“Tada!” Rumi yelled,

Tommy just laughed as I had about a second of legitimate freaking out, then I grunted.

“Now is not the time to be playing Rumi!”

It’s like she didn’t know there was a giant fifty-foot monster about to destroy the city.

“I’m sorry, I just got bored. I saw you guys and figured now is as good a time to stick together…plus,” she pointed thumb back at the wrecked train in the tunnel,”it’s not exactly like I’m heading home anytime soon.”

She had a point. How were any of us getting home? What should we do now? Wait…we had training for this at school.

“We should head for the attack shelters. I guess the nearest one is a couple miles up the road,” Rumi said.

“Right, but how are we going to get there?” I asked.

“My boys are going to help pick us up,”

I turned around and I saw it was the woman wearing the bomber jacket from earlier.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I need to ask for some help. You kids look pretty healthy and there are some injured who will need a hand. I saw you help some people earlier,”

I just looked at her, and before I could answer Tommy answered “yes mam,” He snapped a crisp salute, “anything to help our brave soliders.”

The woman let out a kind smile, “ Well thank you very much,” She bent down “Now what might your name be?”

“My name is Timothy, “Tommy” Walter Fizgerald, Glad to meet you…,” Tommy peered down at golden tag on her chest. I just noticed it myself.” Second lieutenant Chalmers!”

“My my, you know your ranks and everything. I’m impressed,” she stood up.

“I’m assuming you’re the older sister?” Lt. Chalmers said to me.

“Yea, yeah,” I said trying to sound as formal as possible. I was way too scared to salute her though.

She just smiled, and then looked to the top of the stairs. It had only been ten minutes, but we began to hear a vehicles approach.

“That’ll be my boys, you’re help please.”

It didn’t take long, but many of the people who took the train were began to pile into a line of humvees the military had. Now there were lights shining on the giant and even in the green glow, the white lights almost seemed to disorient the clouds. Rumi, Tommy, Lieutenant chalmers, and I all managed to get into a humvee near the front.

“It should only take couple minutes to get to the Attack shelter,” The Lt said from the front passenger seat. She turned to talk to the driver after that.

“I pulled out my phone, and again there was no reception. When I tried to make a call it was dropped. But what was really strange was that when I went to any apps to try and communicate with someone, they all didn’t work and were having service issues, but all the news apps, and stream apps worked fine. I began to feel my body shake. It was here left alone with my thoughts I was most in the most danger it seemed.

“Do you think Chad and Jessica are okay?” Tommy asked.

“I’m sure their fine,” I said in weird comforting way, but in a way I knew I was far from comforting anyone.

“They’ll be fine, we’re all prepared for it now,” Rumi said looking out the window.

I was so surprised how well she was handling this all, especially after the story she told me. “You know you’re handling all this awfully well, considering everything you’ve gone through, you’d think…” I couldn’t bring myself to finish.

“You’d think what?” she continued.

I thought how to choose my words. But before I could, Tommy did for me. “ You’re story about when Tokyo was attacked. She’s wondering if it wasn’t traumatic for you.”

Damn sharp kid.

“Of course it was,” Rumi said turning to look at us “it was so traumatic in fact that after going through that, having my entire family wiped out, I know I can’t ever go through anything worse than that. I’ve pretty much repressed all the memories, why do you think I can’t even remember the faces of my parents.”

She said all this in such a matter of fact way I didn’t know how to respond. Did I feel sorry for her, did I offer comfort or was there something I was supposed to learn. Either way I never figured it out as lieutenant Chalmers yelled something I didn’t want to hear, none of us wanted to hear it.

“Look alive people, it’s starting to move.”

I looked out my window and like rolling clouds on the horizon, the Nephilim began to move. Golly was it was fast!

I heard loud explosions up and down the street where I was, and realized on the hill we were taking through the city, they had placed a battery of tanks, and artillery. More shells sounded, and even though the giant was about four miles away now, it cleared that distance and began to cross right over us. The sound of Gunfire rang in my ears, and overhead missiles as they exploded in the black cloud.

The giant proceed to cross in front of our path and in a serious of fire and explosions it rampaged through the city. The path the giant had taken looked less like giant steps had been taken but it left a trail that seemed almost carved with acid int he landscape. Like everything had melted away.

The explosions came from in front of us. All of us kids looked up at the front down the street we were going, we were on the outskirts of the city, and had taken one main roads. Apparently like everyone had been trained many of the cars pulled over to the side of the road and people began to get to the attack shelters.

We were making good time, until in an explosion of glass and metal the building in front of was shattered and melted away. The Giant floated in front of us. I could hardly see because of the light, but then I saw the cloud of smog, violently come cascading for us. Chewing through and melting everything it touched, made the street look like It had been swallowed by a swarm of locusts.

I was terrified, cold to the bone. I wanted to yell, but Lieutenant Chalmers did it for me. “Get out of the car!”

The doors popped open and the driver slammed the break. I tried to grab Tommy, but he and Rumi jumped earlier. I went to follow on their side, but before I could get over a pack that was seperating us I felt a hand grab me and yank me from the car.

The lieutenant and I ran to the other side of the street. I looked back, then I heard several gunshots. Lt Chalmers had shot out the glass to a nearby arcade, and the both of us leapt through the window, as the angry cloud of black mist swarmed through the street behind us. She lead me by the hand. I could feel the mist on our heels. That black corrosive smog as it ate through metal, glass wood, it was all the same.

The lieutenant by some miracle had found a back entrance, and shooting out the door knob she pried open the door and first throwing me in she followed behind. She slammed the door, and through the hole watched. She was breathing so hard, and she held her weapon her finger on the trigger guard. She looked poised as though she was keeping watch for attackers, then she turned and grabbed me again.

My lungs burned, and my legs and muscles ached. It had only been a little sprint, but we had covered so much ground so fast. It was only a minute ago I was sitting in that humvee and now my legs were burning like coal to keep up with this obviously physically superior woman.

“Are you okay?” She asked. She spoke so kindly I was caught off guard. One moment she was so powerful and forceful now she was like a doll the feeling, among other things brought me down, keeping me from the near trainwreck I was sure I was becoming by the minute.

“I’m fine,” I said in between gulps of air.

The lieutenant looked out the doorknob she had just blasted.
“That’s good. We won’t be for long, though,” She pointed out the door.

I peeled myself off the ground to take a glance through the broken doorknob, and there was the mist. It was still so alive, unlike anything I’d seen. It was like the mist itself was eating and devouring everything. They were brought in and consumed. I saw arcade machines, and the floor and ceiling get slowly chewed away.

“It seems to only be able to direct it aggressively, but even passively that mist is a danger,” the lieutenant took out her phone, and placed a call.

We were in the back maintenance hallway, of the Arcade. I’m pretty sure this lead into the rest of the mall. She looked busy and so I just began to walk, she followed all the while staying on the phone. We began to proceed and it was as I thought, the hallway did lead out into the bottom of this shopping centre. I only just realized it then, but we had only been a few blocks from here earlier today. I hope the kids at the party sleepover got to their shelter in time.

“This way, if we cut across the street I’m pretty sure the shelter is just underneath through that roadway,”

Lt. Chalmers was on the phone and didn’t hear me. I was terrified and wanted to get to the shelter. My nerves felt like they had been pulled so tight, that it clung to my skin painfully. Like tight cords of torture. My eyes pushed out, and all I wanted to do was cry. I guess the thought was enough because that’s what I did, I started to cry. I kept walking to the front, but the tears flowed, the fears, the situation. That feeling of being in a prison of turmoil, all around. It was real this time no PTSD, no counessling was solving this. The next street over there was a killer giant cloud that ate everything. All I could think of was Tommy, I wanted to break down, but I couldn’t not while he was away. I needed him. He needed me, I had to protect him.

“Let’s go!” I yelled to Chalmers,
She turned to me while still speaking on the phone, “Okay, so you want me to head and take the south.”


“What exactly is coming?”

More silence, I was getting agitated.

“All right thanks, I appreciate it,” With that she put her phone away.

I was getting the sit-rep on the giant. Looks like it’s headed north, so we’ll have to take the long way,” the lieutenant’s eyes were fixed on the end of the large hall, “What the hell?”

I turned around, and there standing. Not running, not fleeing, not doing anything except looking down the street was a girl. She wore a white sun dress, with a scarf around her neck. She was radiant in the green light, her long golden fleece like hair.

“What’s that girl doing?” the lieutenant broke into a run.

I followed after, as I got closer my suspicions were confirmed. The girl was bathed in the green light just staring up at the moon. As we came through the revolving door she brought her stare down to meet us.

“Excuse, but you need to get to a shelter,” the lieutenant said. It’s dangerous here.

The girl turned to Lieutenant Chalmers and said “It is not your time you don’t need to work. The hand has yet to strike midnight, but it is the final hour.”

Chills ran down my spine as the words came, but not as much as the next words that came from her mouth, as she looked at me with those magnetic blue eyes.

“Hello Clara,”


Anyway that’s the end of the chapter I really hoped you liked it, and again i’m sorry for all the typos and missing words. Just trying to get a realistic take on the first draft. Check out Here for the next part of the story.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you’re enjoying reading it as much, as I’ve enjoyed writing. Check out my Youtube channel here

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